People Are Trying To Refund Stellar Blade Over Claims Of “Censorship”

  •  Some of Eve’s outfits in Stellar Blade changed in the day one patch, sparking accusations of censorship.
  •  These outfits were not available in pre-release copies, and can only be found on the physical release.
  •  Some players are refunding Stellar Blade and encouraging a boycott.

A group of Stellar Blade fans have accused developer Shift Up and publisher Sony of “censoring” the game. This comes as some of Eve‘s outfits were found to have received changes in the day one patch, with fans arguing that the alterations amount to censorship.

The original designs are only visible if you have a physical release of Stellar Blade and install it without the day-one patch. They were not present in the pre-release copies that reviewers and content creators received ahead of the game’s launch, making the reason behind the changes unclear.

We captured some footage of the outfits before release, showing the designs that some fans are calling censored. The main change is that some, like the bunny outfit, include some black lacing around the chest area. In another example, Eve now wears black stockings with one of her dresses. Other outfits still show a lot of skin, however, such as Eve’s bikini costume.

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