Stellar Blade Wanted Its Collectible Cans to Be Based on Real Brands Like Pepsi

There are a lot of things to discover in Stellar Blade, but the primary type of collectible is cans. As you explore the PS5 console exclusive’s Naytiba-inhabited world, you’ll discover all sorts of tins, ranging from iced coffee to soda. All of these brands, however, are fictional – because Korean developer Shift Up wasn’t able to secure a partnership with a real-life manufacturer like Pepsi or Coca-Cola.

“We tried to, but no can brands would partner with us to have a collaboration, so we had to create them all originally in-house,” director Hyung-Tae Kim told Game Informer. “We also consulted someone who is an expert in designing can packaging. We hired that person to come up with designs that would make them look real. In the future, hopefully we’ll be able to have a collaboration with a real-life brand. Especially Pepsi, which we are very interested in.”

There are a total of 49 cans to find in the full game, and you can discover exactly where they are as part of our All Cans Locations guide. Discovering them all unlocks a final outfit for Eve, but you can also browse your collection of cans thanks to a display constructed by accomplice Lily next to the Tetrapod.

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